2021 WOW Gal Celebration Schedule

Our March 27, 2021 WOW Gal Celebration Schedule 

AFTER January 31/21 - $25 Per Session or $50 for Full Day
(50% Registration Goes to Event Fundraiser)

 FRIDAY March 26: (Free to ALL)

     7:00      Test Your Zoom Connections & How tos

     7:30       Online Auction Items Preview


 SATURDAY March 27:

     8:45am Join into Zoom Event / Registration

     9:00 am  Welcome & Thank YOUs

     9:15 am  Key Note Presentation:  A Morning of "Light" & Laughter  (60 Min)

 Presenter: Carolyn Shannon, Founder of Women of Worth Magazine

An interactive “LIGHT” hearted  session in which You will Experience:

 7 “Quick Fix” Ways to express daily frustration followed by some Laugh Yourself Healthier Techniques that will leave YOU feeling AMAZING!If you feel you don’t have anything to be stressed about we want to know what planet you really came from ???

   10:15 am  Quick  Break

   10:30-11:00am am  Empowerment Session: (30 Min)
Awakening With Animals - Embracing The Connection

Do you know that animals are here to help humanity in so many ways? Do you ever wonder why you feel so close with them? This presentation promises to bring to you uplifting inspiration and divine loving guidance. 
Marybeth will be calling upon the collective animal energy, animal spirit and the beings of light to the group's vibration. She will channel messages of love and hope as well as help you with your own connection to the animals in your life, in nature and more. Come prepared to be amazed at just how profoundly deep an animal's message can be, why they are here to assist humanity and to learn just how many blessings they have to share with you! 

As an ordained minister, speaker, grief specialist and animal communicator, Marybeth advocates on behalf of the “language of animals”, the importance of the many gifts they bring us and our special relationships with them. Her specialized focus includes providing support in pet bereavement. She holds the strong belief that pets can teach people many things about life and so can the grief associated with their death. The pain of such a loss can be debilitating for many people. However, people can recover and Marybeth’s passion is helping them move beyond loss. Her work focuses on practical and supportive strategies for coping during this difficult time.Marybeth also serves our fellow animal companions through a special sense of communication with them. By being their voice, she offers support to the pet loving community through her animal communication services ~ “A Voice For The Animals”. She also offers non denominational bereavement support and Blessing of Animal services through her work as a Reverend.

   11:00 am  WOW Pets Recognition / Memory Shares  

   11:30 am   What's On Your Lap? Game

               (Guess who has a Pet, stuffed toy or pillow on their lap)

   11:45 pm   Go Grab Your Lunch Break (1Hr) stay / chat


   12:45 pm Join into Zoom (New Participants)  (Mini Breaks 5-10 min between each if all goes well)

    1:00-1:30 pm Empowerment Session: (30 Min)
                              Presenter: Charmaine Grace of Your Next Step to Possilbility & BEE Your Possibilities 
The Stories We Tell: How They Affect Our Futures

The stories we tell ourselves, most often and with feeling, are what determine the quality of our lives.  As the Law of Attraction tells us, we get that which we put our attention on, and that is what we draw into our lives.  Our stories are what create the future we live into.  

What does your future look like? What stories are you telling?  What effect do they have on your life?  In one of my workshops, a woman buried her face in her hands because her future looked so depressing

In this interactive presentation we will look at the stories we tell and the incredible power they have over our lives.  Where our stories come from and how they hold us back. And we will look at how to create stories that build us up and help us step into a future of Passion, Purpose and Possibility!  

Charmaine Grace has a mission to re-ignite the sparks of Hope and Possibility in hearts and minds of women who are feeling ready to take their next step.  Over the years, Charmaine has taken many steps to get her to where she is today. Each time she found herself stuck, disillusioned or wanting more from life, she stepped into something new and different. Jobs, successes, volunteering: different steps, different directions, lots of possibilities. Some of those steps were giant steps, some not so big. Yet each step taught her new things and new possibilities.  Those steps brought her here today to share her stories and experience. Charmaine Grace is Your Next Step to Possibility.  Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, and Certified Passion Test Facilitator, and Speaker. She is Life coach who helps you get clear on your passions and purpose, goal setting and creating strategies that help you Step into Your Possibilities.
     1:40-2:10 pm  Empowerment Session: (30 Min)
              Presenter: Moira Bush of Moira Bush Academy  & Author of Prosperity Colours
Prosperity at any Age:
 Colour Frequencies That Can Help

I thought I would be financially secure by 50 - and I thought that working to help others, I would somehow automatically be rewarded by spirit for the good work I do. 

But that is not how things have evolved for me. I had to research and implement the rules of the Spiritual Law of Attraction. 

In this presentation I will help you identify one of 8 major blocks to prosperity and the colour frequency that can help you activate the Law of Attraction to work with you and your family.

Participants will get to look at a presentation slide and select one of 8 colour bottles that will reveal their potential to change the way they view prosperity.

Moira Bush has been educating international entrepreneurs for 25 years and is an author and authority in the field of Spiritual Colour Psychology and Numerology.
From South Africa where she successfully helped women in shanty towns to set up community based businesses, to working in England helping women off the welfare system into self-employment; Moira has a passion for helping entrepreneurs, visionaries and healers identify and transform hidden blocks to success using the Colour Mirrors system of analysis. In 2019 Moira was nominated by her business bank manager for the prestigious RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In 2019 Moira was awarded the Susan B. Anthony Leadership Award at the iLead International Summit. Moira is the author of: 'Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards'; the book '8 Colours of Prosperity'; 'Colour Your Shadow Oracle Cards' and launching in 2021 a collaborative book written by colour healers 'Walking the Magenta Path’. Moira lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband Paul and her son Michael.

   2:20-3:10 pm  Empowerment Session: (30 Min)
                          Presenter: AnnaMarie Warriner, Let the Healing Begin  

Lets Take a Peek...Into Your Eyes
 What They May Be Telling You About Your Health

First, using the principles of Iridology,  In this presentation we will be learning what to look for in our own eyes  and what it may reveal in relation to our bodies and our health.

The study of Iridology has been around for years and speaks  the  past, present and future in that it can reflect past generations of conditions that we can be predisposed to .

Then AnnaMarie will take participants through a fun, interactive session where we can each look into their own  eyes using a magnifying glass, mirror and pen light. (Make sure you have these items handy before we start)

PLEASE Note: This is an information only session and not in any way to be used for diagnosing yourself or others 

AnnaMarie Warriner has spent 30+ Yrs Helping Others Recognize, Eliminate & Prevent Health Issues. She assists to help take the Guesswork out of Your Nutritional Needs and Start YOUR Personalized Preventative Program! Her assessment packages will hellp to
See the Need and Let the Healing Begin
  3:30-4:00 pm  Empowerment Session: (30 Min)
                           Presenter: Lyla Lee Royer of Heavensent Messages 
  Group Sacred Light Infusion Healing Energy Session

Lyla Lee will introduce us to the touchless infusion of the Sacred Light of God / Source / The Divine. Then take us through a group healing session.

I have been an energy healer and teacher myself since 1993, but I feel Sacred Light Infusion is by far superior to any healing modality I have ever experienced! I was hooked on this  technique.

While living in Florida I was able to help many of my clients with Sacred Light Infusion! Now I am thrilled to bring it back to all my clients in Canada and the best part is no matter where you live I can send Sacred Light Infusion to you remotely and/or in person!

 Lyla Lee has been following her spiritual/healing path since a teen, working professionally in this field since 1992.She is  a  2nd Level  Sacred Light Infusion Facilitator, trained by her teacher Rev. Rich Berry in Milton Florida, and  at present is the only facilitator in all of Canada! Lyla Lee is an internationally known Spiritual Clairvoyant-Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Advisor & Sacred Light Infusion Healer, 

  4:00 pm    WOW Angels Recognition
                     Memory Shares 

   4:45 pm    Free Time (Siesta / Dinner???) (2Hr)

    6:30 pm  Grab Your Wine &  Best Hat / Dress or Pjs

    6:45 pm Join into Zoom

    7:00 - 9:00 pm  WOW Gal Recognition Ceremony

                              Name This Dance Trivia Game 

                              Who We're Bidding for (2 short videos)

    AMAZING Thank Yous & Closing Ceremonies - GO BID!



Last Hour to Bid on

 Online Auction Items 

 SUNDAY March 28:

   Auction Winners Notices sent out via email

   Gifts & Gift Certificates & Cards to be dispersed ASAP

Participating / Attending WOW Gals

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